About us

We are a little bit different when it comes to event space. enforum is the convenient answer to the often unpleasant experience of organising multifaceted events.

There is plenty of information available online yet anything else can be discussed during our first call or meeting. Rest assured our mission is to provide you, the event organiser, with total transparency when it comes to available dates and the instant pricing of events. We believe that this is possible without any unnecessary delays or unpleasant ‘extras’ on the invoice.

It is up to you if you merely want to rent a space and handle everything else on your own or if you want us to manage the entire event for you. Just be satisfied that your event can be more than a featureless room and a few open sandwiches.

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Event Manager

A strong partner

Who is the one behind enforum project

enovation is an advisory company. Our aim is to bring money from subsidies, grants and other forms of public support, or cost savings in financial management. enforum is here for you to have a great place for events too.

enforum has not suddenly appeared from nothing. To create our own event space, we have intensively operated in the field of event management for 12 years. We rented a dozen of diffferent places all around the Czech republic, trained and hosted more than 10 000 people in our own events. enforum profits from know-how, a network of contacts and the extensive background of a company. We believe it would be shame to keep these lovely commercial spaces in the heart of Prague only for us. We did our best to make them variable for your own brand, doors and calendar are widely open to you.

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